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Unit 5 - Rational Functions

Lesson 1

Date: Mon. Dec. 16th

Topic: Graphing Reciprocal Functions
Even & Odd Functions


 Handout (with notes)

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Lesson 2

Date: Tues. Dec. 17th 

Topic: Asymptotes and End-Behaviour


final answers to worksheet

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Lesson 3

Date: Thurs. Dec. 19th 

Topic: Graphing Rational Functions using Long Division
example and assigned problems
 Date: Mon. Jan. 6th

Topic: Review Topics

text page 367 #1, 10, 13

Sketch each of the following graphs:

Lesson 4

Date: Tues. Jan. 7th

Topic: Sum of Functions

handout (with notes)
Lesson 5 

Date: Thurs. Jan 9th. 

Topic:  Sketching Rational Functions using Partial Fractions
 outline of today's lesson
 Lesson 6

Date: Friday Jan 10th

Topic: Graph Sketching Review
 today's example and assigned graphs
Lesson 7

Date: Monday Jan 13th

Topic: Solving Rational Equations
 today's examples and assigned problems

Many of today's concepts and even examples taken from the following:
 Lesson 8

Date: Tues. Jan 14th

Topic: Solving Rational Inequalities
 assigned problems

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 Date: Friday Jan. 17th

Topic: Review Day
review problems