MPM1D: Daily Schedule & Handouts

Unit 6 - Geometry

Lesson 1

Date: Thurs. Dec. 19th

Topic: Models of Movement


Handout (with notes)


Lesson 2

Date: Monday Jan. 6th

Topic: Angles and Triangles

Unit 6 Geometry package

Complete questions 1ab, 2, 3 and 4 from this package.  

Lesson 3

Date:  Tuesday Jan 7th 

Topic: Parallel Lines
 Complete question #6 from Geometry Package
 Lesson 4

Date: Wed. Jan 8th and Thurs. Jan 9th

Topic: Interior Angles of Polygons
 Lesson 5

Date: Friday Jan. 10th

Topic:  Exterior Angles of Polygons
 Lesson 6

Date: Monday Jan 13th

Topic: Midpoints, Mid-segments and Diagonals

handout (with notes)

 Date:  Tuesday Jan 14th

Topic: Review Day
 review problems for Thursday's test